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Have you been meaning to lose a few kg for the last couple of years? Do you have a fitness target you’re striving to reach? Whatever health and fitness goals you have, you may need some help, and now I can give it to you, wherever you are.

AF Online PT aims to give the same level of training as in-person coaching, but at a fraction of the price. Clients get a 6-week nutrition and training plan as well as on-going support to help them get to where they want to be.

Many online trainers cut corners – they automate as much as possible. I can’t and won’t do this. The plan will be made exclusively for you, based on your goals, your training history, your gym/equipment available at home, your dietary requirements, as well as your food likes and dislikes.

Whether you have short, medium, or long term fitness and weight goals, this 6 week programme will give you the kickstart you need, and set you off on the right path.

6 weeks of online training

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I send you a comprehensive questionnaire so I can gather all the information I need to get to work on your training and nutrition plan.


You’ll receive your tailored 6-week training programme, with a fitness task to complete every day, including targets to hit on ‘rest’ days.


I’ll provide you with a full 6-week diet to fit into your calorie and macronutrient goals. I’ll also include recipes and shopping lists to make the process super easy.


Every time you complete a workout, I’ll get a notification and be able to see how that session went and be in touch if necessary. At the end of each week, you’ll complete a ‘check-in’ which will help you to stay accountable and stick to the plan.


Check your workouts, communicate with me, and track your progress over time – in one easy-to-use app. We’ll use TrueCoach, the number one platform for a PT to train and communicate with clients.


6 weeks of training, nutrition and constant accountability for the cost of one hour-long PT session a week – £295.

What my customers have to say

I was feeling slow and sluggish and decided to make a change. I saw Armer Fit advertising the 6 week training and nutrition plan and decided to do something about it. I went from 110.5kg to 94.5kg!!! I now feel energised, happy and full of life. Also I need a new wardrobe!

Dave W, 40

After reaching the point of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, and being the heaviest I have ever been, I decided enough was enough, it was time to figure out where I was going wrong. It became obvious to me that meal prep was my downfall because I wasn’t sure that what I was eating was actually healthy.

Then I found Armer Fit Online PT, who took the stress out of meal prep and has helped me to understand that you don’t need a 3 milkshake-a-day fad diet in order to lose weight.

I was on the Armer Fit Online PT Plan for a total of 6 weeks and saw some massive changes not only in appearance but in my mentality toward food and exercise. Tom is so supportive and always on hand to answer any questions or provide that extra motivation.

I am now a stone lighter I am continuing to eat healthy and exercise regularly, given my new-found knowledge.

India S, 25

Tom has been training me online now for just over a year. I can honestly say reaching out to Tom was the best decision I made. Tom has written training programmes for me that are constantly under review through feedback and discussion. Having these programmes really help to keep me focused and on track. The results were far better than I could have hoped with every target smashed. Tom is brilliant at keeping in touch, motivating and supporting. Feeling in my best physical shape has also helped mentally through a challenging year!

Gareth T, 39

I’ve being following Armer Fit’s Online PT plan for the past two weeks. I was initially unsure if having an online PT would work for me. I can honestly say it’s the best decision and have been recommending Tom to friends and work colleagues.
I’m already feeling the benefits of improved mental well-being, physical fitness and weight loss. The UK lockdowns and working from home continuously over the past 12 months had impacted my regular fitness routine, having gone from working out int he gym 6 times a week to having no structure. I was emotionally eating and piling on weight. Although I have access to my gym’s online workouts and zoom classes I couldn’t motivate myself to participate.
My personalised workouts and meal plans are easy to access and track via the app. Tom is very supportive and promptly answers any questions I have whether these are coaching, adjusting the workouts, nutrition related.
The weekly check-ins are a great where we discuss progress and feedback how the plan is going. Tom is always positive but also encourages me to get out to my comfort zone, in my case it involves adding outdoors running to my routine.
I’m committed to following the plan and excited to see the results over the next 4 weeks and beyond, coming out of lockdown stronger, mentally and physically, healthier and happier.
Thanks Tom!

Trish G, 42

6 weeks ago I had reached the point where I’d had enough – my clothes weren’t fitting well, I was the heaviest, I felt lethargic, my skin was breaking my skin was breaking out, and I wasn’t eating well at all. I saw Tom’s 6 week plans on Instagram and was amazed by the results other clients we're seeing. It was a complete no brainer..I signed up straight away and I have to say, it’s definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made this year! 6 weeks later I’m a stone lighter and a dress size down. I’ve got so much more energy and I’m loving the gym again! The plan is easy to follow, and despite me living in Scotland, communication was never an issue. Tom was always just a quick message away for guidance and motivation. Can’t recommend the plan enough.

Lisa K, 33